Ottawa canal skate 2021

When do you ever think the best to visit OTTAWA tourism?

I like WINTER!!! YAY!!!

Sometimes, it goes -30℃ here. Scenery is just beautiful, my face is going to froze, it is very special experience for me 🙂

Local Canadians always say “Winter here is terrible”.
But for me, as a traveler, I might say ” I am enjoying Ottawa winter very much!”

Ice skating, Snow board, Skiing and Cross country skiing, Hike.. what else?

My best favorite thing to do in Ottawa winter is ice skating on the canal! Some part of Rideau Canal is frozen planned by government each year!!
7.8km one way, 16.6km return way.

You don’t have to be very good skater.

Canal skate is for every different level skaters.
Beaver tail pastry is one of the most favorite food truck in Canada. I love it! Yummy.

Ottawa has some different big rivers, and canal skate is one of those.

Others are pretty cool too. It is not being  maintenance for skate, so covered by snow. You can enjoy walking on it!

Canal skate show up only limited time for end of January to the end of February. Just come and bring your skate and jump into!